About CTO Community


About CTO Community

Continue your education and collaborate with other CTO-PCI experts!
Qualified physicians that successfully complete all CTO University coursework will automatically receive membership in the CTO Community. This unique web-based platform provides ongoing access to faculty members and other University graduates to continue collaboration and education on CTO techniques and technologies.

Unique Features of the CTO Community platform:

  1. Easy upload of films – native DICOMS or alternative formats possible – no conversion or compression required
  2. View cases in a run-by-run format
  3. Share case-specific details by utilizing the optional audio recording feature
  4. Share your films with the entire Community or alert specific members to the content via the Messaging Center
  5. Search content by associated tags and bookmark for future reference
  6. Collaborate with physicians on any CTO-PCI topic or uploaded content through the Commenting and Conversations features
  7. Cases can be viewed from any computer with access to the Internet – no need to large case files to vie

Complete the CTO University curriculum to access
the CTO Community at no cost.


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