About CTO Fundamentals

CTOFundamentals.org (CTOF) is an educational resource for interventional cardiologists and their support staff interested in advancing treatment of patients with Chronic Total Occlusions. Our mission is to provide training that will enable physicians to achieve proficient and efficient CTO angioplasty results and provide patients greater access to qualified operators.

CTOF has been founded by Faculty members Drs. Anthony DeMartini, Aaron Grantham, William Lombardi, Craig Thompson and Michael Wyman. They have gathered an international faculty of renowned interventional cardiologists whom have vast experience in CTO-PCI. Together the founders and faculty have performed over 5,000 CTO-PCI procedures and participated as faculty members, lecturers, panelists and organizers at over 100 international meetings.

Educational Content is provided through two innovative and collaborative platforms:

  1. The CTO University is intended for CTO-PCI novices who desire education in the fundamentals of CTO-PCI. Taped case demonstrations highlight key strategies used successfully in these challenging cases. A series of didactic lectures, covering topics from indications to complications of CTO-PCI, are presented in an easy to follow PowerPoint library allowing matriculation through the program at the viewer’s own pace. Upon successful matriculation members are invited to join the CTO Community.
  2. The CTO Community is a dynamic interactive home where experienced CTO operators host continuous online community activites. Members can easily upload films, share information, ideas, techniques, or research and discuss topics relevant to their CTO practice. Whether you need advice for an upcoming case or want to offer your ideas for a new CTO-PCI technique you will find peers and resources in the CTO Community.

CTOFundamentals.org is funded by educational grants from industry partners. These grants are unrestricted and housed within the Saint Luke’s Hospital Foundation’s Mid America Heart Institute’s portfolio. Funds are used solely for the building, maintenance, upkeep, and content production of CTOF.

Left to Right: Dr. Aaron Grantham, Dr. Bill Lombardi, Dr. Craig Thomspon, Dr. Mike Wyman


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