Pros and cons of learning on an acoustic or electric guitar


Actually, learning on how to play guitar is one of the most satisfying artistic attempts that one can perform in their life.

At the beginning, some people can interest to learn acoustic and others wish to learn electric guitar according to their needs. The acoustic guitar actually sounds acoustically, so there is no need for outside amplification. Below are some of the pros and cons of learning on an acoustic such as:


  • Begin with learning acoustic guitar can eliminate the additional prices such as those of purchasing cables or amplifier
  • It has a tone that is naturally peace and soothing as compared to distorted tone that you experience on an electric guitar.
  • Acoustic guitar will make a most favourable atmosphere for those around your practicing area.
  • If you are able to play acoustic guitar, you will surely able to play an electric guitar; because of the higher amount of technique is needed.                                                                                       electric guitar


  • It is more fragile
  • Greater tendency to generate buzzing sound
  • Designed with heavy gauge strings
  • Quite complex to hold barre chords

Why it is complex to switch over from acoustic to electric guitar?

Generally, the idea of switching from acoustic to electric guitar can be fairly daunting.

First of all, you can make sure that you have obtained a technique down, the scales, the strumming patterns and the chords as well as know what to perform with those entire cables and knobs.

However, all it takes learning on new gear and practising.

Epiphone DR-100

Best recommended acoustic guitar for beginners

Finding the right acoustic guitars for beginners is not at all a simplest task.

At present, one of the highly recommended acoustic guitar for beginners is Epiphone DR-100, which can be a good cheap acoustic guitar for the beginners and it provides a decent bold output as well as seems average size.

Pros and cons of learning on an acoustic or electric guitar
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